Sunday, April 2, 2017

Set up wordpress with local host

Writing articles on making money online is already a lot, today naturally want to change the subject, want to write something different from the day. Well, choose the wordpress topic, today's tutorial will show you how to install wordpress on a local host with just one click. This method has been known to me when wandering to visit the blog of friends and feel very fond of.

After reading this article, you will know how in just 30 seconds there is a professional blog to be able to experiment, free break all tips on making money online, install theme , Plugin and setup yourself a blog interface that you like best.

Why use wordpress to make money online blog.

Most bloggers or internet marketers choose to use wordpress platforms for their personal pages. The reason is because this is the best CMS platform in the world at the moment. WordPress has enormous number of users with millions of themes, professional plugin support, and very SEO friendly ... and countless other great features. Therefore, wordpress blog is a wise choice for all bloggers and internet marketers who want to make money online and do business online by building a website or blog.

Why install wordpress on Localhost

The answer is also extremely simple? Installing wordpress on localhost is the best option for you to design, edit website / blog without registration for yourself as a host package as well as domain. Localhost is almost full of features of a web host, where you will upload blogs to make money on your network.

There are many articles on the web guide you to install wordpress on the local host. However, it is a bit complicated and takes some time. So, today I will guide you to install wordpress quickly on the local host within 30 seconds

Install blogging to make money online for 30 seconds

To install wordpress blog quickly, please visit and dow load Instant WordPress software: Download

After successful download, proceed to install and launch Instant WordPress. The interface below appears, you choose: Copy wordpress URL to clipboard and paste in the address box of the browser. A complete wordpress blog layout with theme: Eleven will appear. Very fast right?

After having a blog make money online, you proceed to install theme and plugin for this new blog. Log on to the wp-admin.php login page with the following default information:

ID: admin
Password: password
For the database, login information is:

ID: root
Password is empty
You can refer to the Document section in the interface of Instant WordPress for more details on how to use this software.

There are many free themes and plugins for blogs making money on your network, you can find and download the plugin and theme that you find necessary. I will have a detailed article on the necessary plugins for blogging on the net after.

If you are not satisfied with the free theme, you can go to Gifts to receive the free Premium Theme and useful free plugin from yourself.


Hope this short article can help new friends get familiar with wordpress to make themselves a professional blog making money online fast and easy.

If you have any problems, you can send your questions in the contact or comments below, I will reply in the shortest time. Thank you and see you

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

5 factors to help you succeed when making money online

1. Ideas.

To succeed in any field, you also need a good idea and creative. An innovative idea is worth thousands of dollars. That is the reason that billionaires, billionaires appear in the world, all stem from an idea.
You can search for ideas anywhere in life: in magazines, books, listening to people discussing what's hot, what the youth are most interested in.
You can also find ideas from the work you enjoy and mastered, your passion, for sure, if you like something, there are millions of people with the same interests you. .
A worthwhile idea that you can make money online must include the following elements:
Passion + Skills + Profits

You have to be passionate about what you have chosen, you must have the necessary skills in that area and especially what you choose must be profitable. For example, if you choose to make money online by becoming an affiliate marketing expert, the skills you must master are the ability to design your website, blog, optin, sale page ... You can make money from your ideas. And yet, equally important, you have to understand the current high-profitable online monetization models to choose from, so that new ideas come in handy.

2. Knowledge and tools correct.

It is hard to make money online if you do not equip yourself with the necessary amount of knowledge and tools. However, in the vast knowledge forest on the internet today, it is difficult to choose and acquire the right knowledge.
There is a lot of misinformation about making money online and doing business online that you should avoid. If you follow fraudulent schemes online, the possibility of network disability is unavoidable. Your advice is to choose sources from reputable places, and learn from the most successful people. You should find out in advance what forms of money online are available to get a clearer view of the vast world of online business and choose the right path for you.
The second important thing is that you have all the tools you need. Owning these tools will make making money online faster and more convenient, you can focus immediately on the work is online business and generate income, not necessarily to Too much detail on unnecessary detail.
For example, tools to help you make money on the network is the system of collaborators, websites, online payment tools, sale pages, landing page ... Owning these tools will help you accelerate too. Its a great online business.
Some Vietnamese and English websites that you can refer to and learn more are: eblogviet or smartpassiveincome. The owners of these blogs earn thousands to tens of thousands of dollars a month, you can find monthly earnings reports on their blog.

3. Large network of relations

A wide network of relationships will help a lot in your online money making business. Because one thing is for sure, people usually buy what they usually trust, and if you're a person they trust, they'll buy from you.
People usually buy from their friends. To strengthen relationships, you need to regularly engage in forums related to the field of your choice, trying to provide useful knowledge to the community. And you will become a prestigious member there. Can you imagine what would happen, people would trust and buy from you.
Participating in community activities, seminars, and courses is also a good way to expand your relationship, and remember to bring your card with your website address and give it to everyone. Once they have visited and found a lot of useful knowledge, then the possibility of being a customer is huge.

4. Drastic action

Any idea becomes meaningless if you do not turn it into action. Make money online too, you can not expect money to fall into your pocket without any action. Many people are afraid to hesitate when they start to act because they fear failure, they fear the difficulties and obstacles that they may encounter on the way to implement their ideas. And so they gave up.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Make money online with 3 super-profitable models

1. Own and supply products.

This is a model of making money online that all internet marketers are aiming for very high profit. This model consists of 5 steps
Step 1:
You create a product: it can be a useful physical or digital product that makes people willing to spend money on it.

Step 2:
Create a website to promote products integrated online payment tools to help customers can pay immediately

Step 3:
Attracting plenty of traffic provides a great deal of useful information to increase the conversion rate, which is the percentage of purchases / visits to your website.

Step 4:
Automate your website as well as customer service with email marketing services and sit back and wait for the monthly payment automatically.

It's pretty simple not you, but this is the model that has created thousands of millionaires in the world. Typically Fabian Lim, Apple, Microsoft also belong to this model make money on this network

1. Make money online with related ads.

Another online monetization model that you need to find out is advertising. There are many big and famous web advertising service providers like Google, Adnet .... They give us billboards for services or websites with the same theme as their website. And for every click on that ad, money is added to your account. In addition, you can also for companies related to the topic of website banner ads placed on their site and collect the monthly payment.

To make a profit from this monetization model, you need to go through the following steps:

Step 1:
Identify the topic, the main market of the website you are writing, and choose the topics that you really love and love, which will help you a lot in maintaining the site in the absence of visitors on the days. oil.

Step 2:
Create a website and regularly update, write information related to the topic, the market of your choice. The more detailed the article, the more profound the site is appreciated.

Step 3:
Attract abundant traffic. The more daily, monthly traffic, the more likely they are to click on your ads and your profits will increase accordingly.

A model of making money online is great right?

3. Join the affiliate program

If you do not have the ability to create a product to market or write a lot to advertise, this will be a great choice for you.

You do not have to worry about how to create a product or delivery, how to pay, all the vendors have to worry about. Affiliate marketing or affiliate programs will help you earn a more sustainable income with a high commission rate of 30-70%, even up to 100%. All you have to do is choose the product and promote it.

To participate in making money online with affiliate marketing. You need to go through the following steps.

Step 1:
Select a product that you like to promote through the affiliate network such as clickbank, jvzoo, commission junction ...

Step 2:
Create a website to promote products. Provide additional bonus packages when customers purchase products from your promotional link

Step 3:
Write reviews, bonuses, and scams to increase your customers' trust in the products you promote and gain plenty of traffic to your website.

Step 4:
Automate your website as well as customer service with email marketing services and sit back and wait for the monthly payment automatically.

The professional internet marketer can earn from several thousand to tens of thousands of dollars from affiliate marketing or affliate marketing. This is one of the most popular forms of money online today.

4. Combine all models

Of course, you can combine all of these models at once in your website, making sure your earnings will increase significantly. However, sometimes applied separately, each model has much higher efficiency. When we focus on one thing, the results will certainly be different from embracing too much work on people. I encourage you to only mix up two models of making money online in a website. So your online business career is growing steadily and steadily

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Tee Profits Recipe Review


Hello, I recently emailed you about the Tee Profits Recipe course, the English course on how to sell t-shirts with Facebook Ads like?

I also took the course and did a quick video review so you can see the quality of the course before making a purchase decision? Please see below

Who is the Author of Tee Profits Recipe? 

Demian Caceres: is the man behind Tee Profits Recipe.

In 2012, He began working in web advertising industry concentrating on FB Marketing.

He made enormous progress which gave him the chance to join forces with the considerable Don Wilson in FB Ads Cracked 1.0 in September 2013.

What Is Tee Profits Recipe?

Tee Profits Recipe is an easy and a proven new T-Shirt Marketing Blueprint which will teach you step by step how to start your T-Shirt Marketing business.see this Video NOW ..!

Tee Profits Recipe Review conclusion:

At last, why I exceedingly prescribe you to get your enrollment at Tee Profits Recipe?

Since it is a total instructional class which will show you well ordered how to begin your online business utilizing T-Shirt Marketing.

Which give you an assurance you will prevail with Tee Profits Recipe are the outcomes which have been accomplished by understudies who connected what they have gained from this diagram.

In this reward you will learn: 

The most effective method to offer shirts with youtube advertisements. 

The #1 asset to make shocking video advertisements for your tees in seconds. 

Other progressed youtube advertising traps for enormous deals with your shirt battles. 

More cool stuff I'll consider as we go…


Particularly for those who are intending to participate in the first and the best quality online money making courses of the leading Internet Marketer in Vietnam such as Hung Marketing, Tran Van Tran ... then I will also have the incentives. Especially to assist you in your monetization process

With the same amount of registration, you are not only equipped with knowledge but also receive valuable gifts to help you make money faster and more efficiently, and you get a small commission money To maintain and develop this small blog in order to better serve readers. I hope you will support this win - win - win idea (winners, win, win)

1. Free Gifts

Give Ebook (English): "The secret to help me earn 0 -> 3000 $ / month from the Blog when I was 15 years old"
Get Premium Plugin ($ 19): Ultimate Facebook, help you post automatically to Wall or Fanpage and countless other functions, this is the only plugin you need to master Blog Marketing on facebook.
Get Premium Plugin ($ 19): Pay Per Like, hide any content in your posts until visitor click like, support G +, Twiiter, Facebook ... Great tool to promote blogs on the communal website. foul.
Premium Gift Plugin ($ 19): Infinite SEO, all you need to optimize SEO for your blog
Give 3 Premium Theme from Theme Junkie ($ 39) for blogging
Get 3 Premium Theme from Elegant Theme ($ 39) for blogging
Offering 3 Premium Childtheme for Genesis Framwork ($ 96) for Blogging

2. Gift when registering for Peacat course

Offering 5 Premium Plugins ($ 95) to help you optimize your social media marketing
Give Ebook (English): "Know how to promote website and product effectively"
Give Ebook (English): "The secret of making money with Google Adsense" and the complete set of tools
Donate Ebook (English): "Internet Marketing Guide - All you need to put your website on page 1 Google"
Give away the premium theme from the Junkie Theme you have - all you need for a professional blog
Support, troubleshooting that arises during your learning and practice

3.Bonus on signing up for IM coaching

Offering 20 Premium Plugins ($ 380) to help you complete and optimize your blog / website
Give Ebook (English): "Know how to promote website and product effectively"
Give Ebook (English): "How to make $ 5000 / month with niche site"
Give Ebook (English): "The secret of making money with Google Adsense" and the complete set of tools
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Give away the Premium theme from Junkie Theme you have - all you need for a professional blog
Offering the entire Genesis childtheme from Studio Press - Theme optimized for SEO
Support, troubleshooting that arises during your learning and practice

How to make Money online

1. PTC (Paid to click)

This form is famous from the past, some people earn money, some dozen to more than a hundred dollars a month, but the number of white people after months of making a scam page is still large More than several times.

I do not encourage this way of making money online because it takes time, have to go to find people to become referrals and commission from the lower level. Not a lot of knowledge. More likely to be scammed by scam pages. Particularly for myself, this form of money I consider to be fraud.

2. Read promotional emails

This way of making money online is also quite popular abroad, each day you will receive a series of promotional emails and your task is to read each email and get points. Also similar to the PTC form, I do not recommend that you make money this way, scam is much less true, take time to check mail money is stork.

3. Document sharing (PTU)

This is a good way to earn money online, you share your personal documents, if others find your documents need, they will pay for the download and you receive money.

Although good form but you can get into trouble with copyright. Especially if you upload other people's material to make money, you can get in trouble with the law. A site in Vietnam that has this form that you can refer to is:

I personally do not encourage this form because it involves the infringement of copyright that I do not like to steal copyright as well as being stolen by others.

4. Securities, gambling, betting (Forex + betting)

This way of making money online can help you make money fast, but not sustainable, high risk and more likely to bear legal liability if you are not careful. So I also do not encourage you to make money online this way.

Some other forms such as introducing friends to the system and then write many articles, upload photos make money, make money by introducing site visitors .... All scams are many, few reputable sites and the ability to earn extra income sustainably from the above is very low.

1. Build your favorite web site and place ads.

Imagine, if you own a website with thousands of hits every day, would companies want to place ads on your site? Of course it is not?

The more visitors, the higher your ad price, earning several hundred to several thousand dollars a month from placing ads on your site is possible. This is one of the most popular ways to make money online. You can find advertising prices on popular sites in Vietnam such as zing, vnexpress, kenh14 ... to understand more about this form.

2. Create a product and gain traffic

Try to think, if you have a great product and a website with 2000 visitors a day, just 5% of your visitors buy, you can earn 1 profit from 100 visitors. Goods, fully automatic and regardless of day and night. Can your traditional shop do this?

Your only task is to attract as many hits every day as possible, and I will show you how to do this in future articles.

3. Join the PPC program (Pay per click) of Google Adsense

Google will pay you hundreds to thousands of dollars for their ad clicks from your site every month. Your only task is to search for a topic and get traffic to your site. The more ads you place on your page, the closer to your site's theme, the higher your earning potential will be.

The core issue of how to make money online is that you have to choose the niche and attract a lot of visitors. I will mention this in detail in later articles

4. Join affiliate marketing - Affiliate Marketing

This is an online money making affiliate marketing affiliate or affiliate program. With this form, you do not need to create a product, just choose good products from other companies and promote it, you will receive a commission on each product sold from your link. The commission on this way of making money online is relatively high (30 - 70%), even a 100% commission.

This is one of the ways to make money online is a lot of internet marketer preferred because of its ability to generate sustainable income. In the following article, I will step by step guide you from website design, traffic attraction and make money with affiliate marketing, the future of internet marketing in Vietnam will explode this form.

Currently with the affiliate in Vietnam, there are many reputable websites including Lazada, zalora, 2 pages of commerce, sales of roses from 5 to 15%, Oxycine course in English through movies. Oxypice system rose to 20%, the product is easy to sell. You can try to register and promote this course right here

How to set up a website

Hello. In the previous article, I gave an overview of what AccessTrade (AT) is and how to get an affiliate link at AT. I hope you got some of the first sale from AT. Surely now you have more confidence in AT and want to earn more sales, more regular to have a stable source of income every month right?

And that's when we need to build a Website! Why? Because only when we have a website we build a steady traffic every month, new customization and customer navigation as well as customer care better. Then the order will certainly be more and more every month. The more traffic, the higher your earning potential!

Of course we need SEO and optimization to have that high traffic, and this will guide you slowly in the following articles. The thing is you need to know what you are going to do on the website and how to build website from the number 0 like! Let's started!

1. Define the niche for the Website

This is extremely important, what do you want to sell? Who is the customer? If not predetermined you will never succeed! To determine the theme for your website you can use some tips

List out 3 - 5 products that you want to sell the most
List out 3 - 5 products that you are looking to buy right now
List out 3 to 5 topics that you love
From the above list, identify and select the topic that interests you and is most interested in doing. Then go to AT to see if there are products that cater to that topic? If so then your theme is good and we can go to the second step is to buy domain for the site!

2. Buy Domain for website

What is a domain? Domain is the domain, for example is a domain, is a domain, understand simple Domain is your website address, where people enter to your site. Domain names should refer to the market you want to sell, or it could be a brand name, or a combination of both.

Criterion is short, easy to remember! After domain, then you buy domain name, or use Namecheap because of good price, easy to use interface, simple! The steps to buying a domain are as follows

A / First click to go to Namecheap. Enter the domain you want to buy into the box and click Search

3. Buy Hosting for Websites

For Hosting, we need a cheap, good, fast host in Vietnam because we are affiliate in Vietnam right? For that reason, we have searched, tested many hosts being introduced and finally chose a reputable, cheap, fast, support provider that meets almost all of the requirements that they offer. !

That's Azdigi, a little introduction. This is the Linux hosting platform used in SSD hard drive and the advanced virtualization system, certified Tier 3 hosting with Datacenter located in Vietnam always so speed in Vietnam can be said very fast, so when using the You do not need to worry about the slow access speed if cable breaks (which is now occurring as rice in Vietnam). I negotiated with Azdigi to offer readers a discount of 20% discount on all orders for the first time purchase! I hope to help you get some of your expenses in the early days

OK! Now I will guide to buy and install WordPress with Azdigi nhé!

A / Visit this discount link (only when ordering Azdigi through this link you can use the discount code for your order). Select Hosting -> Standard Host

4. Install WordPress on a new domain

To install WordPress on hosting and connect to Domain you will follow 2 steps:

Setup DNS at namecheap to point to Hosting
Install WordPress on  hosting
I explain a bit. DNS is the domain name server, each hosting has a different DNS, this DNS will help the domain know where the domain needs to point! So set up this to connect between domain and our hosting, can understand simple domain is the number of home and hosting is the home! Then Setup now

first. Setup DNS At Namecheap
You login to Namecheap, select -> Domain List in the left sidebar -> Find the domain you bought in step 1 and click Manage. Then drag down to find the Nameservers and setup as shown using the two AZdigi's DNS below

Friday, March 3, 2017

HOW TO Sell T-shirts with Sunfrog


Next Series on how to make money selling t-shirts on Sunfrog from A-> Z, today I will write to section 3, of this section, I will teach you a few Niche Hot newbie so you can start earn money

However, before starting to part 3, if you do not see the basic training video, part 1, and part 2 of the Series, I believe that you will want to look at it earlier! OK, if you're ready, we started it already!

The Niche does Appropriate Run Sunfrog?
You must remember this when a Sunfrog war, to fight well, you have to find a niche that somehow one can:

Replication, from 1 Design Design can make a lot of the same, changing only one small component couple as Text, photos ...
Easy Target or have the same type of target
From 2 above, you will see is to have a good battle in Sunfrog Niche, you have to find something that can be replicated more, faster, easier! And I will guide some Niche as an example. The time of this niche remains good fight if you have the creativity!

1. Niche Born & Live

This niche of the basic idea is to target those who live away from home, for example those in Hanoi to Saigon to live so! Target missed the motherland!

An example of Niche shirt template is:

For example this shirt born and liveO form the map 2, 1 is in Montana (USA) and one of California (USA), this shirt to those who target girls from Montana and live in California! Very simple, right!

So how this sample target?
To target this form, you need to use a feature of Facebook Graph Search! First adjustment via Settings Language English (US), and then type into the Search field at the top Facebook following statement:

Women born in Montana and là who live in California

Your results will be as follows:

Graph Search FacebookFacebook will give people from Montana and lived in California. Our task now is to get the data of all these users and running ads for them. To do that, we need to GET UID

What is UID? UID is the user ID, each user has a unique ID on facebook identified called UID, so when we GET UID, ie we take the information from which to run their ads to!

To get the UID, you can use one of two tool follows:

Itarget (currently I'm using). Download and View the manual here
Mass Spider. Download and use here
I will not teach you how to use this tool because you two need to dig around simple things like this! After using the tool to get the UID, the UID you convert email (2 tool supports convert into email)! The reason is that at the moment, you have to upload the data by email!

Run ads look like?
After obtaining the UID file, go to the Facebook Ads Manager and in Audience -> Create Audience -> Custom Audience -> Customer List and upload files containing e-mail to customers, then your name so catchy!

Then you apply as his running ads in Video Training tutorial to run ads for clothes! The only thing you should note is that you do not target this time anything apart from adding customers to upload files on the Custom box Audience (Just type the first few characters in the file name would suggest FB )

Custom Target Audience

Summary process running Niche Born & Live
Summarize, to run this sample you need to do the following:

GET customer UID (pick any 2 locations and start GET UID)
UID on 2000 then upload and run ads for its clothing
Starting with the budget $ 3 - $ 5 and track sales
This niche is running well for some time now but still eat well if you take the time to do the following things:

New design, more beautiful
War for Women Men instead
The amalgamation of different locations and diverse as: States - States, States - Country, States - City, City - City, Country - Country ... ..
Expanding into other countries such as UK, USA, France ... ..
BONUS: Link download images of the 50 states in the United States Map to Your strategy: Download Here

Hopefully with the instructions above, you can fight it and sell really good Niche offline!

2. Niche Jobs

2nd niche you want to suggest to you that's Jobs - Careers. This niche hit the pride of those who have a passion for the profession in which they are doing! Craft occupations, there are many hundreds of occupations. So this is a market that we can better target!

First you need a List Jobs, you can search in Google for keywords such as:

List jobs in usa
Top paying jobs in usa
Then you'll need a jacket template can be replicated for Jobs. As the following sample is an example!


Target like on Facebook?
To target Jobs, you have several options:

1. Job Title Target as in the picture below! That job, many are taken as Target Audience


2. You can also Target by discipline, for example, the selected target Engineer Engineering discipline is


3. Interest You use target. Interest to use effectively, you need to ask whether these workers would like the Page does that ordinary people do not know. His or target in ha

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Link building stragedy for SEO

Because the late 1990s links have been addressed by search engines as votes for popularity and relevance in the continuing democratic opinion poll of the internet. The engines have refined using link info into a fine art, and use sophisticated algorithms to execute nuanced assessments of pages and websites based on this particular advice.

Links are not everything in Search Engine Optimization, but search professionals credit a substantial part of the engines' algorithms to link-associated variables (see Search Engine Ranking Variables). Through links, engines CAn't just assess the popularity sites and pages on the basis of popularity as well as the quantity of pages but also metrics like junk, trust, and power. Trustworthy websites often link to other trustworthy websites, while spammy websites receive hardly any links from trustworthy sources (see MozTrust). Authority models, like those indicate that links are an excellent method of identifying skilled files on an area that is particular.

Link Signs

How can search engines put value? We do not completely comprehend the metrics that are proprietary that search engines use, but through years of expertise, investigation of patent applications, and hands on testing, we can draw on some sensible premises that hold up in the world that is real. Below is an inventory of noteworthy variables worthy of thought. You may even appreciate some farther on the Moz Website reading about internet search engine valuation of links.

International Popularity
To earn power and trust together with the engines, you will desire assistance from other link partners. The better, the more popular.

Local/Subject-Specific Popularity
The notion of "local" popularity, first initiated by the Teoma search engine, indicates that links from websites within a subject-specific community issue more than links from general or off-subject websites. As an example, in case your web site sells dog houses, a link from your Society of Dog Breeders matters considerably over one.

Anchor Text
Among the strongest signs the engines use in positions is anchor text. If tons of links point into a page with all the key words that are best, that page has an excellent chance of rank well for the targeted phrase for the reason that anchor text.

It is not surprising the Internet comprises huge quantities of junk. So that you can weed out this insignificant content, systems are used by search engines like google for quantifying trust, a lot of which are on the basis of the hyperlink graph. Bringing in links from highly- domain names that are trusted can lead to an important increase to the metric that is scoring. Universities, government sites and non-profit organizations represent instances of high-trust domain names.

Link Area
Junk links frequently go both ways. A site that links to spam is likely in turn frequently has many junk websites linking back to it, as well as junk itself. By viewing these links in the aggregate, search engines like google can comprehend the "link area" in which your site exists. So, it is a good idea to select those websites you link to attentively and be selective using the websites you try to earn links from.

Link signs often disintegrate as time passes. Websites which were popular eventually don't earn new links, and frequently go rancid. Therefore, it is vital that you keep on earning added links with time.

Societal Sharing
Although search engines treat shared links otherwise than other styles of links, they are noticed by them yet. There's much disagreement among search professionals concerning how precisely societal link signals are factored by search engines to their algorithms, however there is not any refusing the increasing need for societal routes.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What is digital marketing

As an extremely productive strategy to attract, change, near, and please clients on the web, we discuss a great deal about in-bound advertising at HubSpot. But we still get lots of questions from folks all around world about advertising that is electronic.
Although in-bound promotion might be said by a veteran marketer that is in-bound and electronic advertising are almost the exact same task, there are a few slight variations. And after having dialogues with entrepreneurs and companies in the United States of America, United Kingdom, Asia, Australia, and Nz, I’ve discovered a great deal about how these little variations are being found across the globe.

So Just What is Digital-Marketing?

Out of your web site it self to your personalisation resources that are web -- beyond, e-mail marketing, on-line booklets, and electronic promotion -- there’s an enormous range of resources and strategies that come under the umbrella of marketing that is electronic. And the top electronic entrepreneurs possess an obvious image of approach or each strength helps their aims that are over-arching.
Here’s a fast run down of a few of strategies and the very often encountered resources:
• Your web Readers and whitepapers
• Website site
• Ebook protection (PR, social networking, and critiques)
and lookbooks
• Social media stations (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Insta-Gram, etc.)
• Got on-line (logos, typefaces, etc.)
• On-Line • Your web stations (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Insta-Gram, etc.)
• Website Readers and whitepapers
• Ebook (logos, typefaces, etc.)
protection (PR, social networking, and critiques)
• Interactive site
• Social media software
• On-Line lookbooks and booklets
Website posts that are • and whitepapers
• Got on-line software
Website posts that are •|• Your web software
• Website and lookbooks
• Ebook site
Readers} and whitepapers
Website posts that are •
• Social media (logos, typefaces, etc.)
• Got on-line stations (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Insta-Gram, etc.)
• Branding assets protection (PR, social networking, and critiques)}
Search Engine Optimization (OrSEO)
The procedure for perfecting your web site to ‘rank’ higher searching motor search engine pages webpages, thus raising the number of natural (or free) visitors your web site receives.
Articles Marketing
The development and promotion with the objective of visitors increase, creating brand-awareness, leadgeneration, or clients of articles resources.
In-bound Advertising
In-bound promotion identifies the ‘total- funnel strategy to attracting, transforming, close, and pleasing clients utilizing content that is online.
Sociable Press Marketing
The custom of marketing your business name as well as push visitors your content on interpersonal websites stations to raise brand-awareness, and create prospects to your organization.
PayPerClick (PPC)
An approach to driving visitors to your own internet site by spending each period to a publishing house your advert is visited. Among the most often encountered kinds of PPC is Yahoo ad words.
Online Marketing
A variety of performance-based marketing for marketing some body else’s goods or providers in your internet site, in which percentage is received by you.
Promotion that is Indigenous
Indigenous marketing identifies ads which can be mainly content- showcased and brought on a platform alongside additional, low-compensated articles. Sociable media advertisements to be -- for instance, FB advertising and marketing is also considered by a lot of people, although BuzzFeed backed articles are a good instance.
Advertising Automation
The application program that exists using the aim of automating advertising activities is referred to by marketing-automation. Several marketing departments must automate repetitive tasks for example sociable networking e-mails, as well as additional web site activities.
E-mail Marketing
E-mail marketing is used by business organizations as a means of communicating making use of their crowds. E-Mail is usually employed to immediate people to the company’ web site, in addition to to market occasions, reductions and articles.
On-Line PR
Online PR is the custom of procuring attained protection that is on-line with web logs, electronic guides, along with additional content -based web sites. It’s similar to PR that is conventional, however in the room that is on-line.

What’s the Variation Between In Bound Advertising and Digital-Marketing?

At first glance, the two look related: Equally happen mostly on-line, and equally concentrate on making articles that is electronic for folks to have. So what’s the variation?
The expression ‘digital marketing’ doesn’t distinguish between drive and draw advertising strategies (or that which we we possibly may today send to as ‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’ systems). Equally may still drop underneath the umbrella of advertising that is electronic.
Electronic out bound strategies plan to place an advertising concept straight in the internet area in the front of as many individuals as you are able to -- no matter whether it accepted or ’s related. By way of example, the advertising adverts you notice on top of several web sites make an effort to drive on promotional material or an item onto people that aren’t always prepared to obtain it.
Alternatively, entrepreneurs who utilize electronic approaches that are in bound utilize articles that is on the web by giving resources which might be useful to them to bring their target clients onto their respective websites. Among the simplest however many strong digital-marketing assets that are in bound is a web log, allowing your web site to capitalize to the conditions which your perfect clients are trying to find.
Finally, in-bound promotion is a technique which utilizes digital-marketing resources please, and near change to attract clients on the web. Digital advertising, on the flip side, is just an umbrella expression to explain on the web marketing strategies of all kinds, no matter whether they’re regarded out bound or in-bound.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Make money online with product launch

Make money online with product launch with beginer

Many of you have asked yourself or that, although they hear they feel very excited about making money online but do not know where to start, most of the new people to make money online are listening to participate or even read all about PTC, which as I mentioned in the post analysis of how to make money online should and should not participate in the PTC only make you waste time, effort, money and thought about making money on the you should deviance.

Online currency they earn money is from Product first launch, all thanks to his knowledge from Hung retransmission of course, plus the help of the community you . With the aim of helping you to see and know how to start like with product launch. In this article, I will take the specific example is products that they are participating in the upcoming promotion. Update process and income situation as well as to the updating and tracking you offline. Maybe I will not earn you any money, but not as long as you do it better themselves, through their failure to his more mature and believe you, too

How to select product launch

This time round their product launch to do with your combination TOny , webmaster of, this is a blog with the idea as case study, a kind of teaching and learning through concrete examples to help the reader may grasp immediately the process and how to apply for similar situations, a blog, or that you should care monitoring. Posts make money online with this product launch is also a case study format it.

Products that I chose for this release is called: "Viral  Curator Pro", this is a product for Viral Marketing, Viral continued success of Image Curator Pro, this product promises to be a craze for Internet Marketing world, especially those who are interested in Viral Marketing.

This time their products in Muncheye selected. As shown below, the product launch next January 7, that is only 2, 3 days before the launch, a commission for each sale they promote is 50%, the amount you get there up to $ 70 for each sale from the font end to back end. The concept font end, back end and you can learn more on the net or participate in his courses and Hung to understand more about the Product launch and related concepts offline.

Why should you select product launch

In fact, this choice is somewhat a little emotional, 1st reasons that I read about this product and found it pretty or attractive, by viral marketing is becoming the trend of today's Internet Marketing when social networks are increasingly occupy more time than internet users. Do you dare tell me that you do not check Facebook that day is not it?

Monday is that this product is ProductPay pay via network, one of your favorite network, every sale is commission paid immediately be paid straight to their paypal, no longer bother to wait for the check as a some other network

How to set up  Product launch site 

For Product launch, the best time to start with them is about 2-3 weeks before the launch, in the case of this product, I chose time 2 weeks to prepare for the setup site, writing , seo youtube videos .... Talking is prepared 2 weeks but in fact one day you spend 1 hour to reach, it is enough.
First job after yourself and your domain is setup Lam Nguyen bought the site and the first post. Why you must first post immediately post without waiting until tomorrow, so maybe tomorrow if you do not know what to write, it is very easy you will not write anything and the result is not gone bad burns.

One suggestion when writing. If no information about the product, you may write to the author, related products, release date .... Wait until there are clearer information then wrote a detailed review of the product. Content with her all the necessary review should have the following sections:


What the features of product

why should you buy  Product launch 

And if you still feel too tired to write in English, but still want to make money online with a product launch, then we still have a way for you. That is hiring a native speaker, and asked him to pay for his writing what you need, the price here is quite soft, range 3-5 $ for articles 300-500 + words, depending on the level of the writer. A place that I also use the service or hire someone to write articles is at HireWriters, you can use the services here for your posts offline.

Video Optimization and SEO top 1

Product Launch During this time, your application is always a top SEO keyword video for the focus that you have mentioned. The result was very positive, only the first 2 hours after the video public, he has received more than 94luot views and is located on page 4 Google.
This proved quite Youtube Video is rapidly indexed on Google, this is an advantage for us because in case you are lazy or afraid to post up the site Youtube is the best measure to help you be on top of the page 1 Google.


The reason I wrote the report back on this time round Product launch is to help show you that, as one site for a few hundred dollars is money not too difficult. The important issue is that you can do it or not, if you do not know how, ask, learn, things are 1 process, not one that the early 1 pm.

 To become expert in any field, you need 50,000 hours of continuous work, you want sooner, please act now, do not hesitate anymore. One minute, one second was enough to make you take hundreds, even thousands of dollars, you have to stand looking at money in the hands of other stars? Do you want to discover your true ability to be able to earn much money? Stand up and act now

Monday, February 27, 2017

Alpha Seo Link Building Guide Pro for NEWbie

Alpha SEO Guide is a comprehensive Guide on SEO includes many articles cover many cases, I will try to write very detailed and easy to understand for you to follow under. The purpose of this guide is to make you understand what actually SEO is, how it works, how and what is really effective even after the Google update. OK, Let's ROCK!

Alpha Seo Link Building Guide Pro 


The first in his Guide SEO Alpha Series will write about some of the current forms of link buiding and what really is work. In addition to understanding what they are doing in SEO is very important, it will help you know you are having a problem and how to fix it. This article from the article his reference of a foreign blogger. You can read the original post it here

OK, the purpose of this Guide is. If you are roaming on the network to learn about backlinking and see what is the link wheel blah blah, Link Pyramid, and Link Juice .... He could not at times you wondered: "How the hell many links that, the genre really well here." I used to like that, was very confused with this kind of link building. Therefore, in the small factories guide, you'll know it's the best we can do and I do kind of the hottest in the 2016 SEO.

What is link juice


OK, look at the picture, conspicuous "link juice" is a concept of the strength of the backlinks, this is the basics before you go into any public building strategic links.

Link juice works like? When you get a link, you not only get the strength from that link but also received "link juice" from the links pointing to your link.

For example: If 1000 links pointing to your site, and your site pointing to, it means that the power of 1000 not only moved to other backlink to your site, but also affect or short, if you get one link, you not only have the power of it, but also the strength of the link is pointing to a link. Simple does not it?

Moreover, if there are 3 floors links, Link 1 -> link 2 -> link3 -> Your Site link juice will then be transmitted to all sites in this system, but the strength of the link will decrease, in this case, the power of communication to link 1 link 2, link 3 and your site will be reduced.

What is buffer site

OK, so you've understood Link Juice What is right? So the question is, why not send always a ton of links on the main site is that to cumbersome linking many stories like that.

Think Think Google. If you are a new site, how the hell is there were a lot links pointing to your site, it is not natural, and if you still stubbornly and deliberately do it, certainly Google Penguin will let you eat slap right on crime link building excessive. So what's the solution?

Please use the theory of link juice above, you already know is a link pointing back to your site to bring the power of the links pointing to it. Therefore, use a site cushion to protect your site. This will help you avoid the eyes of Google, especially if your site is a new site.

What is  Link Pyramid

Link Pyramid, also known as link pyramid is Pyramid of links or links pyramid -> Simple right?

How it works? Link Pyramid operation based on the theory of link juice and buffer site. Grab your example you have 1000 links -> 100 links -> 10 links -> Your Site. So essentially you only have 10 links site, but the strength of this link 10 is based on the next 100, and similar links, 100 links sharply in 1000 due to its links in the rear.

Google loves links-style building like this, why? In the eyes of Google, link to your profile very clean, only 10 links, but these are really quality links. Google likes the quality links like this, with the construction of one-storey link protection for your main site so you completely avoid the eyes of Google Penguin instead send a ton of links on your site directly.


How to make Link Pyramid

The theory is that, in fact, is your link first floors What link, 2nd floor and 3rd floor is what links are what link? Here is a line out for you:

Step 1: Build 10-100 links pointing to your site from the following sources:

web 2.0
Article Directory
Social Signal
web Directory
Social Bookmarking
wiki sites
Step 2: Build 300-500 links pointing to the link that you created in step 1, step 2 includes links for:

Social Bookmarking
blog Comments
wiki sites
Forum Profiles
Web 2.0 Profile
Article Directory
web Directory
Step 3: Build mass links pointing to links you created in step 2, including:

Social Bookmarking
Social Signal
Mass comment
track back
ping back
And all kinds of links that you can think of ... ..
Tips: To create a link in Tier 1, you can use SEnuke, read the manual series Senuke her here. To create a tier 2 and tier 3 link, you can also use senuke or buy the gig on Seo Clerks, simply register that can be ordered immediately. You can register here Seo Clerks

You can see more  Case Study $ 100 Profit in 24h in here


Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Case Study: Earn $ 350 in 5 Days With GearBubble


Hello. His long time since New Blog back, and tries to maintain regularly to provide you with more useful knowledge about the fact that this year's MMO.

And in the first article in this 2016. I want to introduce to you about GearBubble, a platform that allows you to sell a lot of cool stuff, including:
1.Day Pass
2.Ao Thun
3.Phone Case
5.Ao pillow
6.Muz (Ly) ....

Usage is extremely simple, you upload your Design and run ads with Facebook Ads is able to sell it! Some products from Bubble Gear you can refer below!

1 How to start with Bubble Gear

Bubble Gear To start with very simple, you just need 3 things:
An account GearBubble => Click to register here
Account can run Facebook Ads & reach $ 200 capital
A favorite niche, plus a quick head with relentless determination Test

Actually, it is very easy, the next I will guide you with a Case Study that tested her Bubble Gear familiar with their Niche!

2. Case Study $ 100 Profit in 24h

At Bubble Gear has launched, I did a quick test and find Camp extremely easy and potential. I did the following processes:
Google Search a familiar your niche (Pitbull) to earn Design: I simply search the word "Pitbull Mom" into Google and instantly found 1 Design nice, just getting on and took up running only GearBubble
Test Run Facebook Ads $ 20 for that day and sold 10 piece (Profit $ 100)
Continue to run for several days, finally I've End camp there, spent all reach $ 130 cash and profit is $ 350 Ads (~ 8 million) in just 5 days!
After the end that camp, I continued to test more with the cup, replace other design and run more. By the end of the month, about $ 4,000 from his words that month GearBubble .Design Just run back they have a good sale, plus more Test your design for the Niche which has known for some time that's it!

3. Are you ready to join the game sold line?

You saw how excited yet? So go ahead, click to register and Test GearBubble soon come!
Some Tips you want for you when you started fighting in GearBubble can help you achieve success easier:• Design Just use Google search for the line is enough because Google has a lot of beautiful and the size is large enough to give up the line, but should pay attention to copyright issues offline!• After finding Niche Design tasty and delicious, then the greater the Scale out, as fast as possible! Add more design, more product categories such as cereal, pillowcase, phone case ....• If you have had a good selling clothes (TH you already know from the previous sale of clothing), take right onto the Design sold is added in, but other products such as Lines and cups. Definitely will be a bunch more money selling it!• And finally, be creative, and persistent of you. I believe that if you are creative and persistent enough, success will happen soon
Hopefully with a few TIP above will get you initial orientation to try GearBubble!
Update: Some of you asked how to fill W9 Tax Form in GearBubble to receive money, then here you have captured video instructions for completing Form 1. This Form Viral Style party but exactly the Gearbubble only, you just fill out the same it up!

4 Contest & Support for member KTZ

Anniversary of Blog back, I'll have a small Contest for member of KTZ, that's you in 30 days from today 03.01.2016 sold over 1000 Sell on Gearbubble through this referral link will received the following gifts!1.Dinner intimate with him and some of the characters present in the village t-shirts Blood Vietnam to the cutting wind and exchanges as well as become familiar MMO contracted friendship2. A Case Study Idea how to find and sell his coat and Scale 2000+ other products out how to profit 280.000.000+ e only 3 weeks!3.Have forever 50% discount for all products of KTZ later!4. AnD many other benefits as well
Also, I want to announce the official channel of KTZ Support will be in Group Facebook: ... Group will purge 2 weeks 1 Time to Kick those you do not interact and exchange with the Group, for the purpose of building a Group of most this earth

5. Conclution

Not what you think its okay, the thought is simple: "Money is a lot, divided by its population and for as long as clean money, clean method", so I hope you will be very good practice and applicable what they share offline. And remember that there are any questions, please Post to Facebook to get their Group support and community support offline! Dear and see you in the following article!