Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Case Study: Earn $ 350 in 5 Days With GearBubble


Hello. His long time since New Blog back, and tries to maintain regularly to provide you with more useful knowledge about the fact that this year's MMO.

And in the first article in this 2016. I want to introduce to you about GearBubble, a platform that allows you to sell a lot of cool stuff, including:
1.Day Pass
2.Ao Thun
3.Phone Case
5.Ao pillow
6.Muz (Ly) ....

Usage is extremely simple, you upload your Design and run ads with Facebook Ads is able to sell it! Some products from Bubble Gear you can refer below!

1 How to start with Bubble Gear

Bubble Gear To start with very simple, you just need 3 things:
An account GearBubble => Click to register here
Account can run Facebook Ads & reach $ 200 capital
A favorite niche, plus a quick head with relentless determination Test

Actually, it is very easy, the next I will guide you with a Case Study that tested her Bubble Gear familiar with their Niche!

2. Case Study $ 100 Profit in 24h

At Bubble Gear has launched, I did a quick test and find Camp extremely easy and potential. I did the following processes:
Google Search a familiar your niche (Pitbull) to earn Design: I simply search the word "Pitbull Mom" into Google and instantly found 1 Design nice, just getting on and took up running only GearBubble
Test Run Facebook Ads $ 20 for that day and sold 10 piece (Profit $ 100)
Continue to run for several days, finally I've End camp there, spent all reach $ 130 cash and profit is $ 350 Ads (~ 8 million) in just 5 days!
After the end that camp, I continued to test more with the cup, replace other design and run more. By the end of the month, about $ 4,000 from his words that month GearBubble .Design Just run back they have a good sale, plus more Test your design for the Niche which has known for some time that's it!

3. Are you ready to join the game sold line?

You saw how excited yet? So go ahead, click to register and Test GearBubble soon come!
Some Tips you want for you when you started fighting in GearBubble can help you achieve success easier:• Design Just use Google search for the line is enough because Google has a lot of beautiful and the size is large enough to give up the line, but should pay attention to copyright issues offline!• After finding Niche Design tasty and delicious, then the greater the Scale out, as fast as possible! Add more design, more product categories such as cereal, pillowcase, phone case ....• If you have had a good selling clothes (TH you already know from the previous sale of clothing), take right onto the Design sold is added in, but other products such as Lines and cups. Definitely will be a bunch more money selling it!• And finally, be creative, and persistent of you. I believe that if you are creative and persistent enough, success will happen soon
Hopefully with a few TIP above will get you initial orientation to try GearBubble!
Update: Some of you asked how to fill W9 Tax Form in GearBubble to receive money, then here you have captured video instructions for completing Form 1. This Form Viral Style party but exactly the Gearbubble only, you just fill out the same it up!

4 Contest & Support for member KTZ

Anniversary of Blog back, I'll have a small Contest for member of KTZ, that's you in 30 days from today 03.01.2016 sold over 1000 Sell on Gearbubble through this referral link will received the following gifts!1.Dinner intimate with him and some of the characters present in the village t-shirts Blood Vietnam to the cutting wind and exchanges as well as become familiar MMO contracted friendship2. A Case Study Idea how to find and sell his coat and Scale 2000+ other products out how to profit 280.000.000+ e only 3 weeks!3.Have forever 50% discount for all products of KTZ later!4. AnD many other benefits as well
Also, I want to announce the official channel of KTZ Support will be in Group Facebook: ... Group will purge 2 weeks 1 Time to Kick those you do not interact and exchange with the Group, for the purpose of building a Group of most this earth

5. Conclution

Not what you think its okay, the thought is simple: "Money is a lot, divided by its population and for as long as clean money, clean method", so I hope you will be very good practice and applicable what they share offline. And remember that there are any questions, please Post to Facebook to get their Group support and community support offline! Dear and see you in the following article!

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