Sunday, April 2, 2017

Set up wordpress with local host

Writing articles on making money online is already a lot, today naturally want to change the subject, want to write something different from the day. Well, choose the wordpress topic, today's tutorial will show you how to install wordpress on a local host with just one click. This method has been known to me when wandering to visit the blog of friends and feel very fond of.

After reading this article, you will know how in just 30 seconds there is a professional blog to be able to experiment, free break all tips on making money online, install theme , Plugin and setup yourself a blog interface that you like best.

Why use wordpress to make money online blog.

Most bloggers or internet marketers choose to use wordpress platforms for their personal pages. The reason is because this is the best CMS platform in the world at the moment. WordPress has enormous number of users with millions of themes, professional plugin support, and very SEO friendly ... and countless other great features. Therefore, wordpress blog is a wise choice for all bloggers and internet marketers who want to make money online and do business online by building a website or blog.

Why install wordpress on Localhost

The answer is also extremely simple? Installing wordpress on localhost is the best option for you to design, edit website / blog without registration for yourself as a host package as well as domain. Localhost is almost full of features of a web host, where you will upload blogs to make money on your network.

There are many articles on the web guide you to install wordpress on the local host. However, it is a bit complicated and takes some time. So, today I will guide you to install wordpress quickly on the local host within 30 seconds

Install blogging to make money online for 30 seconds

To install wordpress blog quickly, please visit and dow load Instant WordPress software: Download

After successful download, proceed to install and launch Instant WordPress. The interface below appears, you choose: Copy wordpress URL to clipboard and paste in the address box of the browser. A complete wordpress blog layout with theme: Eleven will appear. Very fast right?

After having a blog make money online, you proceed to install theme and plugin for this new blog. Log on to the wp-admin.php login page with the following default information:

ID: admin
Password: password
For the database, login information is:

ID: root
Password is empty
You can refer to the Document section in the interface of Instant WordPress for more details on how to use this software.

There are many free themes and plugins for blogs making money on your network, you can find and download the plugin and theme that you find necessary. I will have a detailed article on the necessary plugins for blogging on the net after.

If you are not satisfied with the free theme, you can go to Gifts to receive the free Premium Theme and useful free plugin from yourself.


Hope this short article can help new friends get familiar with wordpress to make themselves a professional blog making money online fast and easy.

If you have any problems, you can send your questions in the contact or comments below, I will reply in the shortest time. Thank you and see you

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