Monday, February 27, 2017

Alpha Seo Link Building Guide Pro for NEWbie

Alpha SEO Guide is a comprehensive Guide on SEO includes many articles cover many cases, I will try to write very detailed and easy to understand for you to follow under. The purpose of this guide is to make you understand what actually SEO is, how it works, how and what is really effective even after the Google update. OK, Let's ROCK!

Alpha Seo Link Building Guide Pro 


The first in his Guide SEO Alpha Series will write about some of the current forms of link buiding and what really is work. In addition to understanding what they are doing in SEO is very important, it will help you know you are having a problem and how to fix it. This article from the article his reference of a foreign blogger. You can read the original post it here

OK, the purpose of this Guide is. If you are roaming on the network to learn about backlinking and see what is the link wheel blah blah, Link Pyramid, and Link Juice .... He could not at times you wondered: "How the hell many links that, the genre really well here." I used to like that, was very confused with this kind of link building. Therefore, in the small factories guide, you'll know it's the best we can do and I do kind of the hottest in the 2016 SEO.

What is link juice


OK, look at the picture, conspicuous "link juice" is a concept of the strength of the backlinks, this is the basics before you go into any public building strategic links.

Link juice works like? When you get a link, you not only get the strength from that link but also received "link juice" from the links pointing to your link.

For example: If 1000 links pointing to your site, and your site pointing to, it means that the power of 1000 not only moved to other backlink to your site, but also affect or short, if you get one link, you not only have the power of it, but also the strength of the link is pointing to a link. Simple does not it?

Moreover, if there are 3 floors links, Link 1 -> link 2 -> link3 -> Your Site link juice will then be transmitted to all sites in this system, but the strength of the link will decrease, in this case, the power of communication to link 1 link 2, link 3 and your site will be reduced.

What is buffer site

OK, so you've understood Link Juice What is right? So the question is, why not send always a ton of links on the main site is that to cumbersome linking many stories like that.

Think Think Google. If you are a new site, how the hell is there were a lot links pointing to your site, it is not natural, and if you still stubbornly and deliberately do it, certainly Google Penguin will let you eat slap right on crime link building excessive. So what's the solution?

Please use the theory of link juice above, you already know is a link pointing back to your site to bring the power of the links pointing to it. Therefore, use a site cushion to protect your site. This will help you avoid the eyes of Google, especially if your site is a new site.

What is  Link Pyramid

Link Pyramid, also known as link pyramid is Pyramid of links or links pyramid -> Simple right?

How it works? Link Pyramid operation based on the theory of link juice and buffer site. Grab your example you have 1000 links -> 100 links -> 10 links -> Your Site. So essentially you only have 10 links site, but the strength of this link 10 is based on the next 100, and similar links, 100 links sharply in 1000 due to its links in the rear.

Google loves links-style building like this, why? In the eyes of Google, link to your profile very clean, only 10 links, but these are really quality links. Google likes the quality links like this, with the construction of one-storey link protection for your main site so you completely avoid the eyes of Google Penguin instead send a ton of links on your site directly.


How to make Link Pyramid

The theory is that, in fact, is your link first floors What link, 2nd floor and 3rd floor is what links are what link? Here is a line out for you:

Step 1: Build 10-100 links pointing to your site from the following sources:

web 2.0
Article Directory
Social Signal
web Directory
Social Bookmarking
wiki sites
Step 2: Build 300-500 links pointing to the link that you created in step 1, step 2 includes links for:

Social Bookmarking
blog Comments
wiki sites
Forum Profiles
Web 2.0 Profile
Article Directory
web Directory
Step 3: Build mass links pointing to links you created in step 2, including:

Social Bookmarking
Social Signal
Mass comment
track back
ping back
And all kinds of links that you can think of ... ..
Tips: To create a link in Tier 1, you can use SEnuke, read the manual series Senuke her here. To create a tier 2 and tier 3 link, you can also use senuke or buy the gig on Seo Clerks, simply register that can be ordered immediately. You can register here Seo Clerks

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