Thursday, March 9, 2017

How to set up a website

Hello. In the previous article, I gave an overview of what AccessTrade (AT) is and how to get an affiliate link at AT. I hope you got some of the first sale from AT. Surely now you have more confidence in AT and want to earn more sales, more regular to have a stable source of income every month right?

And that's when we need to build a Website! Why? Because only when we have a website we build a steady traffic every month, new customization and customer navigation as well as customer care better. Then the order will certainly be more and more every month. The more traffic, the higher your earning potential!

Of course we need SEO and optimization to have that high traffic, and this will guide you slowly in the following articles. The thing is you need to know what you are going to do on the website and how to build website from the number 0 like! Let's started!

1. Define the niche for the Website

This is extremely important, what do you want to sell? Who is the customer? If not predetermined you will never succeed! To determine the theme for your website you can use some tips

List out 3 - 5 products that you want to sell the most
List out 3 - 5 products that you are looking to buy right now
List out 3 to 5 topics that you love
From the above list, identify and select the topic that interests you and is most interested in doing. Then go to AT to see if there are products that cater to that topic? If so then your theme is good and we can go to the second step is to buy domain for the site!

2. Buy Domain for website

What is a domain? Domain is the domain, for example is a domain, is a domain, understand simple Domain is your website address, where people enter to your site. Domain names should refer to the market you want to sell, or it could be a brand name, or a combination of both.

Criterion is short, easy to remember! After domain, then you buy domain name, or use Namecheap because of good price, easy to use interface, simple! The steps to buying a domain are as follows

A / First click to go to Namecheap. Enter the domain you want to buy into the box and click Search

3. Buy Hosting for Websites

For Hosting, we need a cheap, good, fast host in Vietnam because we are affiliate in Vietnam right? For that reason, we have searched, tested many hosts being introduced and finally chose a reputable, cheap, fast, support provider that meets almost all of the requirements that they offer. !

That's Azdigi, a little introduction. This is the Linux hosting platform used in SSD hard drive and the advanced virtualization system, certified Tier 3 hosting with Datacenter located in Vietnam always so speed in Vietnam can be said very fast, so when using the You do not need to worry about the slow access speed if cable breaks (which is now occurring as rice in Vietnam). I negotiated with Azdigi to offer readers a discount of 20% discount on all orders for the first time purchase! I hope to help you get some of your expenses in the early days

OK! Now I will guide to buy and install WordPress with Azdigi nhé!

A / Visit this discount link (only when ordering Azdigi through this link you can use the discount code for your order). Select Hosting -> Standard Host

4. Install WordPress on a new domain

To install WordPress on hosting and connect to Domain you will follow 2 steps:

Setup DNS at namecheap to point to Hosting
Install WordPress on  hosting
I explain a bit. DNS is the domain name server, each hosting has a different DNS, this DNS will help the domain know where the domain needs to point! So set up this to connect between domain and our hosting, can understand simple domain is the number of home and hosting is the home! Then Setup now

first. Setup DNS At Namecheap
You login to Namecheap, select -> Domain List in the left sidebar -> Find the domain you bought in step 1 and click Manage. Then drag down to find the Nameservers and setup as shown using the two AZdigi's DNS below

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