Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Make money online with product launch

Make money online with product launch with beginer

Many of you have asked yourself or that, although they hear they feel very excited about making money online but do not know where to start, most of the new people to make money online are listening to participate or even read all about PTC, which as I mentioned in the post analysis of how to make money online should and should not participate in the PTC only make you waste time, effort, money and thought about making money on the you should deviance.

Online currency they earn money is from Product first launch, all thanks to his knowledge from Hung retransmission of course, plus the help of the community you . With the aim of helping you to see and know how to start like with product launch. In this article, I will take the specific example is products that they are participating in the upcoming promotion. Update process and income situation as well as to the updating and tracking you offline. Maybe I will not earn you any money, but not as long as you do it better themselves, through their failure to his more mature and believe you, too

How to select product launch

This time round their product launch to do with your combination TOny , webmaster of Casestudy.com, this is a blog with the idea as case study, a kind of teaching and learning through concrete examples to help the reader may grasp immediately the process and how to apply for similar situations, a blog, or that you should care monitoring. Posts make money online with this product launch is also a case study format it.

Products that I chose for this release is called: "Viral  Curator Pro", this is a product for Viral Marketing, Viral continued success of Image Curator Pro, this product promises to be a craze for Internet Marketing world, especially those who are interested in Viral Marketing.

This time their products in Muncheye selected. As shown below, the product launch next January 7, that is only 2, 3 days before the launch, a commission for each sale they promote is 50%, the amount you get there up to $ 70 for each sale from the font end to back end. The concept font end, back end and you can learn more on the net or participate in his courses and Hung to understand more about the Product launch and related concepts offline.

Why should you select product launch

In fact, this choice is somewhat a little emotional, 1st reasons that I read about this product and found it pretty or attractive, by viral marketing is becoming the trend of today's Internet Marketing when social networks are increasingly occupy more time than internet users. Do you dare tell me that you do not check Facebook that day is not it?

Monday is that this product is ProductPay pay via network, one of your favorite network, every sale is commission paid immediately be paid straight to their paypal, no longer bother to wait for the check as a some other network

How to set up  Product launch site 

For Product launch, the best time to start with them is about 2-3 weeks before the launch, in the case of this product, I chose time 2 weeks to prepare for the setup site, writing , seo youtube videos .... Talking is prepared 2 weeks but in fact one day you spend 1 hour to reach, it is enough.
First job after yourself and your domain is setup Lam Nguyen bought the site and the first post. Why you must first post immediately post without waiting until tomorrow, so maybe tomorrow if you do not know what to write, it is very easy you will not write anything and the result is not gone bad burns.

One suggestion when writing. If no information about the product, you may write to the author, related products, release date .... Wait until there are clearer information then wrote a detailed review of the product. Content with her all the necessary review should have the following sections:


What the features of product

why should you buy  Product launch 

And if you still feel too tired to write in English, but still want to make money online with a product launch, then we still have a way for you. That is hiring a native speaker, and asked him to pay for his writing what you need, the price here is quite soft, range 3-5 $ for articles 300-500 + words, depending on the level of the writer. A place that I also use the service or hire someone to write articles is at HireWriters, you can use the services here for your posts offline.

Video Optimization and SEO top 1

Product Launch During this time, your application is always a top SEO keyword video for the focus that you have mentioned. The result was very positive, only the first 2 hours after the video public, he has received more than 94luot views and is located on page 4 Google.
This proved quite Youtube Video is rapidly indexed on Google, this is an advantage for us because in case you are lazy or afraid to post up the site Youtube is the best measure to help you be on top of the page 1 Google.


The reason I wrote the report back on this time round Product launch is to help show you that, as one site for a few hundred dollars is money not too difficult. The important issue is that you can do it or not, if you do not know how, ask, learn, things are 1 process, not one that the early 1 pm.

 To become expert in any field, you need 50,000 hours of continuous work, you want sooner, please act now, do not hesitate anymore. One minute, one second was enough to make you take hundreds, even thousands of dollars, you have to stand looking at money in the hands of other stars? Do you want to discover your true ability to be able to earn much money? Stand up and act now

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