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HOW TO Sell T-shirts with Sunfrog


Next Series on how to make money selling t-shirts on Sunfrog from A-> Z, today I will write to section 3, of this section, I will teach you a few Niche Hot newbie so you can start earn money

However, before starting to part 3, if you do not see the basic training video, part 1, and part 2 of the Series, I believe that you will want to look at it earlier! OK, if you're ready, we started it already!

The Niche does Appropriate Run Sunfrog?
You must remember this when a Sunfrog war, to fight well, you have to find a niche that somehow one can:

Replication, from 1 Design Design can make a lot of the same, changing only one small component couple as Text, photos ...
Easy Target or have the same type of target
From 2 above, you will see is to have a good battle in Sunfrog Niche, you have to find something that can be replicated more, faster, easier! And I will guide some Niche as an example. The time of this niche remains good fight if you have the creativity!

1. Niche Born & Live

This niche of the basic idea is to target those who live away from home, for example those in Hanoi to Saigon to live so! Target missed the motherland!

An example of Niche shirt template is:

For example this shirt born and liveO form the map 2, 1 is in Montana (USA) and one of California (USA), this shirt to those who target girls from Montana and live in California! Very simple, right!

So how this sample target?
To target this form, you need to use a feature of Facebook Graph Search! First adjustment via Settings Language English (US), and then type into the Search field at the top Facebook following statement:

Women born in Montana and là who live in California

Your results will be as follows:

Graph Search FacebookFacebook will give people from Montana and lived in California. Our task now is to get the data of all these users and running ads for them. To do that, we need to GET UID

What is UID? UID is the user ID, each user has a unique ID on facebook identified called UID, so when we GET UID, ie we take the information from which to run their ads to!

To get the UID, you can use one of two tool follows:

Itarget (currently I'm using). Download and View the manual here
Mass Spider. Download and use here
I will not teach you how to use this tool because you two need to dig around simple things like this! After using the tool to get the UID, the UID you convert email (2 tool supports convert into email)! The reason is that at the moment, you have to upload the data by email!

Run ads look like?
After obtaining the UID file, go to the Facebook Ads Manager and in Audience -> Create Audience -> Custom Audience -> Customer List and upload files containing e-mail to customers, then your name so catchy!

Then you apply as his running ads in Video Training tutorial to run ads for clothes! The only thing you should note is that you do not target this time anything apart from adding customers to upload files on the Custom box Audience (Just type the first few characters in the file name would suggest FB )

Custom Target Audience

Summary process running Niche Born & Live
Summarize, to run this sample you need to do the following:

GET customer UID (pick any 2 locations and start GET UID)
UID on 2000 then upload and run ads for its clothing
Starting with the budget $ 3 - $ 5 and track sales
This niche is running well for some time now but still eat well if you take the time to do the following things:

New design, more beautiful
War for Women Men instead
The amalgamation of different locations and diverse as: States - States, States - Country, States - City, City - City, Country - Country ... ..
Expanding into other countries such as UK, USA, France ... ..
BONUS: Link download images of the 50 states in the United States Map to Your strategy: Download Here

Hopefully with the instructions above, you can fight it and sell really good Niche offline!

2. Niche Jobs

2nd niche you want to suggest to you that's Jobs - Careers. This niche hit the pride of those who have a passion for the profession in which they are doing! Craft occupations, there are many hundreds of occupations. So this is a market that we can better target!

First you need a List Jobs, you can search in Google for keywords such as:

List jobs in usa
Top paying jobs in usa
Then you'll need a jacket template can be replicated for Jobs. As the following sample is an example!


Target like on Facebook?
To target Jobs, you have several options:

1. Job Title Target as in the picture below! That job, many are taken as Target Audience


2. You can also Target by discipline, for example, the selected target Engineer Engineering discipline is


3. Interest You use target. Interest to use effectively, you need to ask whether these workers would like the Page does that ordinary people do not know. His or target in ha

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